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Evolution, Charles Darwin, and the Theory of Natural Selection

Much controversy has swirled around the man, Charles Darwin, and his revolutionary theories of evolution and the process of natural selection. Church leaders have both condemned and applauded the theory. So it is easy to see why so many Christians today are confused on the topic. In this and subsequent posts, I will take a look at the theory as well as differing theories it in an attempt to put the debate i ...

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The Tithe: A Look At Tithing Throughout The Whole Bible

A lot has been said about tithing from the pulpit throughout the centuries. Surprisingly, only a handful of the verses that speak of the tithe are used in Sunday morning sermons. And since this topic is central to the Israelite society, I have listed all the verses out and will be referencing them in later posts to highlight different aspects of the Biblical community. I have kept the surrounding Text of ma ...

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Morality: The Traditional versus Modern Definition

A look at the ins and outs of morality The idea of right and wrong has changed over time.  What some cultures have deemed normal and acceptable behavior, others have seen as abominable.  So how do we make sense of morality and the concept of right and wrong? By what standard can we judge ourselves and others? To answer these questions, we must understand the points of views out there concerning morality. Th ...

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The Soul: What Are We Made Of?

For centuries we, as a race, have speculated on the nature of our makeup.  Do we have a soul?  Is it eternal?  What do we mean when we say "soul"?  Is it the same as our spirit? I think the fact that the average person has no clear answers speaks to the state of our knowledge.  If there was clear cut understanding, we could all rest easy.  But the truth of the matter is, we know little about who and what we ...

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Socialism Verses Locke’s Capitalism: Which Builds A Better Society?

Socialism in the streets With the Los Angeles Times asking if the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement is in its waning months after less than a year of protest, it looks as if things around parks across the nation maybe getting back to normal, maybe... But the protests and its counter-reactions brings to light a deeper truth: movements may come and go, but the struggle between the haves and have nots will always e ...

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Low And High Dates For The Exodus

Much controversy has raged over the correct dating of the Exodus.  In order to prove or disprove the historicity of the Exodus, the actual date purported by the Bible must be found.  Among those that advocate for an actual date for the Exodus, two dates have emerged.  Although there are a myriad of others, these two have gained a degree of following within the academic community.  What follows is a point co ...

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