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Ken Mafli

Ken Mafli

is passionate about Theological Anthropology and has been studying the Bible, humanity, and how we relate to God for over 20 years.

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    I disagree with John Piper in this view. I don’t believe God created the Earth in 6 day-ages but in 6 literal days. You can however believe, that God created the Earth in literally 6 days (24 hour periods) and also believe the Earth, universe, all of creation is millions, if not billions of years old. These two views are not mutually exclusive. I do believe the creation narrative teaches that God created everything in 6 days, but I also believe the Earth is millions (or billions) of years old. I don’t understand how somebody with any common sense can look at this world and believe that it is only 4-6 thousand years old. God gave us 2 books so we may learn about Him, the Holy Scriptures and the book of nature (cf Psalm 19).


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