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Creationism And The Creation Science Spectrum

Creationism: What Do You Think?

If you are in America and listening to the news, you would think that there are two choices in how you look at the origins of the universe: Evolution or Young-Earth Creationism. But, truth be told, Creation Science is actually a much larger umbrella of ideas that point to the Creator as revealed in the Bible. There is much debate as how to read the creation account of Genesis chapter One and Two. So, if this is the case, we need to look at the major theories that shape Christian thought. Above is the video that highlights the major ideas.

Also, to get a better idea of the different Creationism camps, I have a more detailed list of the different theories of Creationism. I also put together a post on the theory of evolution to more deeply dive into that theory as well. The best thing a person can do is to get a wider scope of field in order to gain better objectivity. So getting all the facts is very important. Check out the two related posts as well as the video and tell me what you think and where you stand.

And, get a closer look at the Creation Science Spectrum Graph that was in the video: (click image to enlarge)
Creationism, Science, and the spectrum of Theories


Lastly, take the poll and share your opinion on where you stand with Creation Science:

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