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Ken Mafli

is passionate about Theological Anthropology and has been studying the Bible, humanity, and how we relate to God for over 20 years.

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    I don’t prefer neiethr. They all have fallacies. The evolution theory in place right now has been changing and will change with new discoveries. Its really hard to test and observed evolution in the process because we have never tested or observe a specie evolving in to a brand new specie. The only thing we have observed is adaptations of the same type of animal giving rise to capabilities it will not have in other environments. We based evolution on adaptations and we called gradual change because is super slow so our guess that through many generations and adaptation a new specie would become very different than the original specie. We have never seen a fish start walking on two legs. Time prevents this. So there are holes in all our data and evidence is always bringing up new problems and theories.As for the creation theory. No one was there in the beginning to disprove or approve it. We simply don’t know how inanimate matter came to be animated. We can theorize it and can do experiment to produce such things in a test tube, but if you think, there was a creator (scientist) for the proteins that formed in the test tube. So we dont know what outside force in nature set the motion for living organisms to arise from simple proteins.So the door really open for both debates and even more debates.


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