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Ken Mafli

Ken Mafli

is passionate about Theological Anthropology and has been studying the Bible, humanity, and how we relate to God for over 20 years.

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    My husband is out of work, but I am still wonkrig; however, it cut our income in half. At the time of his departure from work, we discussed our spending priorities and decided giving at our current levels was more important than going out to eat. So that’s what we do. We also agreed that depending how long this went on, we would have to re-evaluate. (it’s been 6 months so far) We haven’t taken on any new giving commitments (like supporting the many, many people doing short term missions work this summer) but we are keeping up with church and the missionaries/orgs we already supported. Any non-church related philanthropy is on hold indefinitely.During times like this I try to do other creative giving things cause I know there are people out there worse off than us there’s a family with 8 kids at home and no steady job for the dad occasionally I take them some meals since I can and I know that’s an important ministry. I also get as much free stuff as possible from CVS/Walgreens (toothpaste, shampoo, razors) and donate it to the homeless shelter/city mission for those who are in transition.I do agree that you have to take care of your family first, and that living in debt is not glorifying to God. I give Him the glory that we are still able to give, as He has blessed us so much.


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